Bullcity Me

Bull city me

though I find it hard to see

greater purpose I been searchin

for loopholes to industry

Bullet to my brain

i’m sane

just longing to be free

pushed by herded sheep and Greeks

Who mimic my degree

offspring of creator

spines I find with 33

different moving parts

My brain and art

both would agree

people in this country

i find funny do for self

Worry on what’s yours

don’t lift a finger more to help

will I be the same

And live in shame

well time will tell

coldness or a flame i tame

of hope unlike this hell

Published by siddiqra

Poet. Author. Rapper.

6 thoughts on “Bullcity Me

  1. Am I wrong speculating there’s cryptic symbolism in this poem? When I see the number 33, I think of Freemasons (no prejudice, one of my great-grandfathers was a Freemason). I’m going to give the poem a couple more readthroughs. I’m not an amateur codebreaker or anything, I just like allegories and metaphors.

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