I’m not angry
I’m literal
Educating those
Who would hang me
And liberals
Life cant find perfection
When they see me as criminal
So if I change direction
Would it serve me as pivotal

Well ain’t this shit just reality
Talk about what was
Now some people is mad at me
I don’t hold a grudge
I just talk about history
And centuries
That created days with out empathy

Modern slave times
And people crackin jokes
But the suffering shines
Like minds of black folks
How many knows
What Africa undergoes
Child trafficking numbers
Guess someone is getting bold

What happened in Haiti after that earthquake
Children are missing at large despite the crime rate
Stop confusing conspiracy with what’s clear to see
I can’t dig no deeper cus they not hearing me

Its old news i mean way since I’ve been born
Twenty years strong and never have I been warned
No breaking news or media to get views
Leopold killed 10 million Africans
That’s more than Jews
He’s not seen as Hitler
He’s got a museum
So can you see the picture
Can you call it freedom

Published by siddiqra

Poet. Author. Rapper. Pan African Activist.

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