Tell em stand down

See the weapons I’ve found

And my knowledge retains power

Guess they fearin’ how it sound

In college the same cowards

Astounded my skin was brown

Not hearin’ tirades of clowns

Still hopin’ to see me drown

I’m swimmin’ like Micheal Phelps

And winnin’ without ya help

Intentions still got me grinnin’

Despite despise that I’ve felt

You might abide for attention

My eyes create intermissions

So pause the act

Cus’ it’s wack

You care that I’m spittin’ facts

I care about all the times

Of genocide and react

It’s been a ride for the cold

Hearted souls that I crack

Y’all just know the stories told


Cut the hands off kids?

Yeah that’s Leopold

Caught a couple mill’ for what he did

Is he bold

Workin those to death

50 years makes it old?

Stocks and bonds started with people

How many years were we sold

I change directions

Cus people hate recollection

I break away from the lessons

That take away our progression

My skin is never in favor

When really it’s been a blessin


Nightmares of history

Are keepin’ me in check

No I don’t want your sympathy

But I will earn respect

In a broken industry

That feeds the love of checks

And sex

It took me 20 years just to regret

Buying into entities

That fuel a broken century

Ain’t nobody checkin’

I just can’t erase my empathy

Country needs correction

Counsel out racial aggression

Instead they give you weapons

Violent ways to change direction

Far from love and peace

People rather bust the heat

Burn you like a sickness

Local fame’s a social feat

Can you beg forgiveness

To the people you will meet

Someone felt the loss

Now the actions will repeat

Cycles cold as frost

Cus these killers ain’t unique

I smell something off

It’s the demons when you speak

This is what I’ve brought

Words of wisdom

And they cheap

But I’m feeling lost

Ain’t no preaching to the sheep

I was meant for greatness

Not an ending on the pavement

Burgundy and stained with

Lost ambition

Cus I’m brainless

Seen too many aimless


Lying but they famous

I am just a keen creator

Callin’ out the shameless


I’m not angry
I’m literal
Educating those
Who would hang me
And liberals
Life cant find perfection
When they see me as criminal
So if I change direction
Would it serve me as pivotal

Well ain’t this shit just reality
Talk about what was
Now some people is mad at me
I don’t hold a grudge
I just talk about history
And centuries
That created days with out empathy

Modern slave times
And people crackin jokes
But the suffering shines
Like minds of black folks
How many knows
What Africa undergoes
Child trafficking numbers
Guess someone is getting bold

What happened in Haiti after that earthquake
Children are missing at large despite the crime rate
Stop confusing conspiracy with what’s clear to see
I can’t dig no deeper cus they not hearing me

Its old news i mean way since I’ve been born
Twenty years strong and never have I been warned
No breaking news or media to get views
Leopold killed 10 million Africans
That’s more than Jews
He’s not seen as Hitler
He’s got a museum
So can you see the picture
Can you call it freedom


Image result for bees

What are we without the bees?

Pollinating flowers, bringing fruit among the trees

They have been devoured, by our pesticides and greed

Money hungry cowards, who still modify the seeds

Of what grows in nature, price free with much respect

Abundance at equators, companies choose to neglect

Mass production times, are flooded with dollar signs

The rich behind these crimes, would rather we remain blind

And pay fines, the sinister mind of many people

Who created class in fear of becoming equal

Bloodstained past they’re gunning out for a sequel

From chaos comes order, I know those words are evil

I see between the lines of free masons and shrines

My plight will remain devine

My color can finally shine

Two Worlds

It seems like two worlds
I’m clearly aware of both
One is so sick and rotten
Don’t choke

The other is warm and pleasant
I enjoy it when present
But problems don’t ever fade
Merely build by the second

Many seem not to care
Souls that were never there
Laugh and joke at these problems
Is that what you called impaired

Humorous till’ it’s you
Knowledge I’m finding true
Human trafficking times
Lines that we should have drew

So I stack songs of pain
Trying to make some change
If I make it sound good
Will it reach many brains
Could I spark times of difference
Times so seemingly distant

Never questioned my reason
Think I was born this way
Problems are put before me
I’ve got something to say

Never could let it slide
Never could let them fade
Many could just abide
By rules I will cast away

To norms I will surely question
People seeking perfection Often ignoring flaws
Never taught in the lessons
Often torn from the pages
Burned and lost the the ages


You gotta sift through the lies
Realities I despise
Speaking truth seems to tie your noose
And quicken demise
Gaining proofs whilst I’m in recluse
I’ll come for you guys
Seen all the killings disguised

If y’all gone end me
Man you gotta earn it

Fam straight jamaican
Admitting to heaters burnin’
Im makin this plight my burden
And getting better with wordin’
I intend to make my mark
Before y’all can close the curtains

I’m smellin’ the blood of sharks
In waters with ill intentions
Always whiting out they marks
It’s time for some recognition

Good Hair

What is good hair?

Certainly I don’t have it

My sister’s implants of plastic

Had turned her to beauty addict

But what is beauty?

Ducking what I call natural

If mama made me this way

Then I guess I’m a nappy scoundrel

I picked it out

Cut it and combed it straight

Tell me who can relate

It’s pointless to fight my fate

We all different

But my hair it never listened

It dont care for recognition


Its aura glistens

Black and beautiful

Some would deem it removable

Curly and irrefutable

Surly a fade is doable

But it’s still growin


My wisdom flowin

Some haters think they all knowin

I laugh till they faces showin

I was never enslaved 

By social norms

I praise it when i perform

And save it so I transform

Plus rastaman 

Is half of my DNA

My heritage makes me say

Just love yourself anyway


Gullah wars my people need an award

For fighting their way to freedom

With gun fire and swords

Cus’ Andrew Jackson the reason

My women killed by the season

Our hundred years of discord

The slavery they’ll afford

Children slaughtered in caskets

It’s torn from history classes

The forgery many practice

The lies that’s keeping us passive

Despise is feeding my sadness

My people engulfed in madness

I love all people but classists

Controlling what’s taught to masses

They branded my people savage

We’re ancient and I wont have it


All these bullets
Swear it don’t make sense
It’s warfare
They don’t care
And lately I’ve been convinced

It’s all a plot to keep me under
Cus these recent events
Only add to children’s slumber
Lifeless eyes never wince

Tried to teach em bout each other
Life don’t mean bustin tools
But black kids got it worse
The media’s got you fooled
Why they want us in a hearse
Why we not focused at school
Cus Abraham ain’t free my color
Lies they tellin, it’s cool

Andrew Jackson really evil
Slaughtered women and children
How you sleep on blood and people
Government been drug dealin

Then they put it on my hoods
Grandfather got hooked
Beat the shit out of my parent
Cus narcotics he took

Now they callin us the crooks
When they started the war
Mainly just to keep us under
So we worse than before


Broken, stolen, and rotten

Forcefully we’ve forgotten

Many acts of our past

Times perverted with ass

Actions louder than words

Ignorance taught in class

This madness that I observe

Still hoping that problems pass

Will I be killed over cash

Or actions I deem as rash

Cus people value what’s plastic

Grabbing what never lasts

Missing love and abundance

Ducking narcotic substance

Many plagued with consumption

And social media stuntin’

Fed up or fat and lazy

They won’t kill me you crazy

I will live life and prosper

Give my power to babies

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