Earth’s old acquaintance

an oceans motivation

to sway and form the tides

in sunrise watch it hide

When we were not existing

did this world know peace inside

now humans are persisting

to take chaos as a bride

Poison like formaldehyde

am I chosen to seek change

am I cursed to stand aside

as the guilt infests my brain

Yet I know we learn and grow

never time to shift the blame

and this world can’t stay the same

such destruction never lasts

Still this Earth can see my worth

a moon that shines we needn’t ask

illuminating blades of grass

greener than this fiat cash


Nearly blind but I can see

institutes in place for me

slave labor modern day

means we all been far from free

Who would profit anyway

think we all just might agree

how the leaders lie and say

anything for money tree

Learned it for myself

this country full of comics

rather laugh than try and help

i’ll soar just like a comet

Spittin truth until i vomit

blood and tears and stress and fears

pain deciphered from my ears

eyes of mine can see it clear

Intuition never faltered

pineal gland and special powers

contemplate my worth for hours

rotten world can’t turn me sour

I will never run an cower

stand for something die for nothing

country been adept at bluffing

i can see the souls corrupting


The state of space and place above

before our star gives hugs of love

brisk and cold

the moon’s domain

The whisk of winter wind in plains

it freezes rain

brings frostbite’s pain

without attire or kindled fire

some desire warm in vain

For this brings more meanings to bliss

when sunlight blesses Earth with kiss

the plants rejoice in silent voice

thier choice of photosynthesis

The dew they knew turns into mist

the truest light and heat they missed

the rays can raise arrays of life

no nights in sight as bright persists


I am sculpture
still in columns
chisel marks and rubble fallen

Not the problem
the creation
often left outside equations

Voice box lost
or never made
silent as my future swayed

I am river
current measures
motions set
by peers and pressures

Downed by weight
or hate that festers
drowned by fate
outside my favor

Garden tools
ancestral mules
forced and used
worked and abused

Shattered glass
generations pass
my minds infliction
built to last

All for cash
and land possession
scraps received
our indigestion

Heart and blood
end in infection
this mind of mine
became a weapon

Many lost for learning lessons
hung for reading
cold and tense
killed from using self defense

Bloody hands
not quickly rinsed
old endeavors I have sensed

Pieces mend with our own action
fix with words these hands can fashion
curses set I still can’t fathom
not enough to kill my passion

Bullcity Me

Bull city me

though I find it hard to see

greater purpose I been searchin

for loopholes to industry

Bullet to my brain

i’m sane

just longing to be free

pushed by herded sheep and Greeks

Who mimic my degree

offspring of creator

spines I find with 33

different moving parts

My brain and art

both would agree

people in this country

i find funny do for self

Worry on what’s yours

don’t lift a finger more to help

will I be the same

And live in shame

well time will tell

coldness or a flame i tame

of hope unlike this hell


State your truth

but fakes relate it to lies

still I never break the truce

or feed into that despise

They wanting my hearts demise

like autumn leaves in the skies

it’s freed from purpose and dies

you see the hurt in my eyes but

Continue gimmicks

i know you’ll never be finished

i’m always minding my business

it’s so pretentious

I’m never one to beg for forgiveness

seen the limits of ego

with it life is a sentence

the gifted the greatest victims

I’m spreading truth as I grimace

assassination to image

but it would never effect me

i’ll switch dimensions when ready

The hatred makes your soul heavy

i educate troubled masses

when earth is becoming plastic

i’m showing the world my magic


ART BY Fr3sh

These hurricanes can’t entertain

my stormy brain and mind

this acid rain is not the same

as what was once a famed design

Seek the truth and what you’ll find

as winds of change arranged align

are frozen hearts and flooded times

and strikes of hate that make us blind

To the sick polluted energies

i spark this electricity

i start the wildest fires

that inspire newer prodigies

Voices cracking thunder

waking slumber of the drowsy souls

lighting strikes, quicksilver bright

a lightbulb dulled reacts with light



Sheep turned into lethal weapon

is your mind in their possession

lying to yourself, the damage felt

keeps my on this direction

People laughin at the lessons

i can only make suggestions

i can only water roots

you’re the seed that grows to fruit

I’m the cloud that showers rain

often linked with lasting pain

still will nurture all of life

without the world is not the same

I’m the starlight in the night

the spark of heart that ceases dark

wisdom that evolves to art

Still I never falter

i’m the altar they can’t tear apart

never moved by sly remarks

Never cease to bring my peace

buddah in the flesh

why they contest

with every word they speak


Ignorance is bliss

But still exists in every entity

I know way too much

Still the noun far from a memory

All there is to know

The thought a mere impossibility

Yet if I use the word

I’m met with much heated hostility

Perhaps it’s my delivery

The feeling not seen easily

I need more information

To make comments with some certainty

The constant innovation

And creation without urgency

All created all

So if I’m all

I’m sure you’ve heard of me


I hate how I can see your every color

Cloudy shifting vapor

Layered paint

With faint assorted smothers

Is it human nature this behavior

You’re so intoxicating

Every step I’m left here suffocating

Incorrect in every breath I’m taking

Silence leaves me wrecked

Yes I’m a mess for you is all I’m saying

Enough to break outside this silent shell

I’m left in introverted hell

I bite my tongue to bite my tounge

A habit from when very young

Quiet doesn’t suit our rhythm

And your voice could sweeten lemons

Motherly yet bright and strong

Raspy but unmoved with song

Why does life drift us apart

Maybe time sees us as wrong

In your eyes I notice art

In your mind a fire starts

Though you capture all my heart

Why am I left feeling dark

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