I hate how I can see your every color

Cloudy shifting vapor

Layered paint

With faint assorted smothers

Is it human nature this behavior

You’re so intoxicating

Every step I’m left here suffocating

Incorrect in every breath I’m taking

Silence leaves me wrecked

Yes I’m a mess for you is all I’m saying

Enough to break outside this silent shell

I’m left in introverted hell

I bite my tongue to bite my tounge

A habit from when very young

Quiet doesn’t suit our rhythm

And your voice could sweeten lemons

Motherly yet bright and strong

Raspy but unmoved with song

Why does life drift us apart

Maybe time sees us as wrong

In your eyes I notice art

In your mind a fire starts

Though you capture all my heart

Why am I left feeling dark


Gift of spheres and stars
Felt by Pluto up to Mars
Plus all that’s in my sector
Mystic ways we call bizarre

forces I can’t mention
Since we Cannot see or measure
I feel them in my system
Cus’ the universe is clever

I’m hot like chilly peppers
And I’m wise despite my age
Everything has pressure
Way too much for us gauge

Your thoughts intent and actions
Though they’re nothing but a fraction
Carry heavy weight
Be it from hatred or compassion

Those who make you anger
Be it family or stranger
Would rather take control
Inside you soul
You see the danger

Petty things they’re after
Simplicity of actors
Easily distorted
When emotions have been mastered


Unseen sways the trees

Acrobatics into flight

It’s flipping fallen leaves

As they mimic what is timid

Depending on her mood

Soft and gentle

Loud and shrewd

Whistles like fisher

Seeking dinner, catching food

This does not conclude

Every instance of her wrath

Naturalized disaster

spinning all that’s in its path

From moving pollen fast

To kites that made us laugh

Whisper or a whirl

Would be my girl if I may ask


I’ve no love for plastic faces

I don’t grasp the petty past

Or hold grudge against the baseless

I just focus on my cash

Though a testament to ages

Where the only love and laughs

Come from those with money pages

We just hold our hands and ask

For lesser hour wages

Benefits we all should have

This world keeps turning faker

I feel saddened by its path

Though rays of light

Outshine the dark

Though small in number

Loud as thunder

Quick as lighting

Flashing under

Clouds of gloom

That plan my doom

My heart is gold

As pharaoh tombs



Fuming in my soul

I felt it rise like burning coal

I need release for lasting peace

Yet I can sizzle heated grease

Evaporate all in my wake

I’m merely fueled by all the fakes

This righteous path I must partake

But I could burn the wheel of fate

I calm my temper free of shape

Encompass all that’s in its wake

Provoke the lion seeing red

Yet I can tame what wants to break

I cease the flames that you create

Why punish self for your mistakes


Words you say are potent

Water changes with emotion

Talking bout’ what’s in your body

Not the H2O in oceans

Hit your organs like karate

With the curses often spoken

After year’s you’re worn and broken

Interfere in fear of sinking

Disappear without devotion

Mental poison you’ve been drinking

Watch it change as quick as blinking

When you practice healthy thinking


Ancient force old as creation
Casting flares and hertz vibration
Siblings share and follow where
We are pulled by gravitation

Cosmos blanket razor cold
Darkness lit by photon gold
Fast enough for rising fright
Speed of light new light is old

I’m the type to stare beyond
Wishing prison chains were gone
Knowing science to be wrong
In my dreams I travel on


Often my worst enemy
So use discretion
Who knew my empathy and energy
Could be a weapon

Is there respect without regret
They say life is a lesson
The cruelest teacher
Does this world ignore my imperfections

Still I’m eager or a leader
Though I hate the burden
All these demons in my kin
Want me a hateful person

Try to trap me in a box
Or mold me gray with heated clay
Knowing as I stop to cool
A fool forever made this way

Very skilled at fixing puzzle pieces
When I’m shattered I rebuild
I’m filled with sores from leeches

Their egos keeping score
Bloody good heart to acting sharks
For momentary glory
Coming for me from the start

Intelligence I often stifled
Those who shut you down
Or clown your gifts
Are in denial

Pictures torn in half
Falsified portraits of my gods
The truth in mom and dad
The narcissism they applaud

Still I made a place for lovin’
You both are in my heart
Though often up to something

I remain unchanged
Through encounters not unscathed
Embodiment of truth
But never numbed I’m only brave


I am guilty I confess

I watch Earth fight for what’s left

Pollution clouds our air and breath

Oceans, seas, disease and death

Blackness paints much bluer skies

Waste from lives of you and I

Watch what flies, the many types

Chemicals and exhaust pipes

Gaia look at us with spite

Window trash and plastic straws

Greatest reef was such a sight

Slain from lists of many flaws

Pain this planet must endure

Till’ it lashes back with claws

Life will always find a way

Will we stay and watch in awe

Will reform come forth in laws

Island masses we create

Karma spins the wheel of fate

Justice wins even when late

I am bystander of this

As I ponder why we break

Basic rules we should be taught

Modern fools in power caught

In pursuit of paper money

I use trash bags with these thoughts

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