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Soul’s Decline

Fingers cracked from winter weather

cold that festers in the minds of modern time

maybe we know nothing better

hence the header, product of when souls decline

To quench the thirst of finding worth

a peace of mind I find to be usurped at birth

zombies walking foul and terse digging dirt

they sell it well its hell on earth

Wealthy greedy, hurt the needy

all for profit, social settings so hypnotic

had to break away from chains

not for fame but still I have so much to gain

Poor and hungry lives we doubt it

chase your money just to live and die without it

you can’t take it when your gone

a sickened song we sing along as life allows it

Guess I always knew the truth

what’s the use of talkin with none to listen

people telling lies and fiction

recognition might be why I’m so persistent

Who am I to judge they way you make a livin’

who can say they’re safe from sinnin’

trash I bag to fill the land or fill the sandy floors

the hoards they find while fishin’

Maybe you can find a reason

i observe but blow the whistle then it’s treason

often times forget to vote

how to cope just hope for better changing seasons

I Am

I am sculpture
still in columns
chisel marks
and rubble fallen

Not the problem
the creation
often left
outside equations

Voice box lost
or never made
as my future swayed

I am river
current measures
motion set
by peers and pressure

Downed by weight
or hate that festers
drowned by fate
outside my favor

Garden tools
ancestral mules
was forced and used
worked and abused

Our minds like glass
were shattered fast
seem this infliction’s
built to last

All for cash
and land possession
scraps received
our indigestion

Heart and blood
ends in infection
mind o’ mine
became a weapon

Many lost for learning lessons
hung for reading
cold and tense
killed from using self defense

Life has been a battle since


Weighted chest and heart alike

deepest pit in dark of night

souls this old put up a fight

pain like fires harsh and bright

So we ignite our hurt with passion

but this world gives harsh reaction

ego, money, power, fashion

slippery slope no hope of traction

If I ruled this planet’s minds

shape this world from cruel to kind

no escape from what you’ll find

solitude and peace of mind

I must rinse bias away

my eyes now see only gray

good and bad in everything

still my day plagued with dismay


Learn to love yourself

never fret or be left dormant

pain is like the rain

gloomy but not less important

Lessons in this life

through a knife that cuts my mind

pieces I rebuild in time

mountain tops we all must climb

I remain alone resigned

seeking green like bristled pine

seek the truth and what you’ll find

is dark and light that intertwine

Truth and purpose will align

perhaps it’s in the side you choose

know how you associate

or sense of self you surly lose

Not the type to fight and bruise

even when in toxic rage

consciousness remains my guide

i know how I will behave

Sing a song of healing for

those along this foggy shore

life provides and so much more

truthfulness in metaphor


Island I reside in worry

starved from sanity I hurry

oceans crash of look and laugh

on this land waves need not ask
I can stand the damage dealt

but baby step at pressure felt

pure of heart still ripped apart

by wolves who hunger for remarks
Frost that thaws in veins of steel

strong in will and what is real

fakes I feel watch me in flight

fraudulent as kryptonite
Who in reach heeds what I teach

lack of tries spell my defeat

i rely on self so much

be it blessing or a crutch
Intuition that I trust
though my mind puts up a fuss

pictures paint with mental brush

righteous till the world is just


Woke up on the wrong foot

send me back to sleep

i aint one to listen candidly

to what all others think

I know truth about myself

more than any breathing person

i know facts about my future

of my cause and shouldered burdens

Still assumptions got me hurtin

soon I know I’ll break I’m certain

lose all care for false pespective

when perception turns a weapon

I have somber recollection

of my pain nobody checkin

i can see through lies and acts

not effected by infections

I am vessel of truth

coming after trees with noose

i ain’t got not time for playing

nor will listen to excuse


Been to hell and back

courage won’t let fear react

heard a voice inside my spirit

when the false try to attack

They say empaths tend to hear it

truth like what I weave in lyrics

in my gut my heart my soul

so very old I hold it dearest

Ancient ways I still uncover

if we spread it to each other

treat this world with bright tranquility

like how we treat our mothers

What is Earth without that promise

what is Sun if not a godess

what is sky if not a lullaby

of stars and streaking comets

I am chosen true Heyoka

who can see through all persona

living life free of perspective

consciousness I deem collective


What’s ego without a vessel

who’s been trapped inside it’s grasp

still we struggle in its presence

i know I can merely ask

Many years until I crashed

when I valued petty cash

greed became the after math

what the point without progressing

Life create so many lessons

i can just strive for perfection

betterment and self correction

many battles fought and won

Still never forgot the fun

adrenaline exhilaration

rain and pain from condensation

Assumptions I can figure out

wonder what the fightings bout’

misery love company

i’m sure that I can go without

Still I suffer

through a drought

wonder why I’m chosen too

people guess I don’t contest

Figured it’s because I’m blessed

i look on at all these things

and fiends I know I have finesse

maybe it’s my pineal gland

Many will not understand

a genius in the making

so frustrating

god gave me a brand


Earth’s old acquaintance

an oceans motivation

to sway and form the tides

in sunrise watch it hide

When we were not existing

did this world know peace inside

now humans are persisting

to take chaos as a bride

Poison like formaldehyde

am I chosen to seek change

am I cursed to stand aside

as the guilt infests my brain

Yet I know we learn and grow

never time to shift the blame

and this world can’t stay the same

such destruction never lasts

Still this Earth can see my worth

a moon that shines we needn’t ask

illuminating blades of grass

greener than this fiat cash


Nearly blind but I can see

institutes in place for me

slave labor modern day

means we all been far from free

Who would profit anyway

think we all just might agree

how the leaders lie and say

anything for money tree

Learned it for myself

this country full of comics

rather laugh than try and help

i’ll soar just like a comet

Spittin truth until i vomit

blood and tears and stress and fears

pain deciphered from my ears

eyes of mine can see it clear

Intuition never faltered

pineal gland and special powers

contemplate my worth for hours

rotten world can’t turn me sour

I will never run an cower

stand for something die for nothing

country been adept at bluffing

i can see the souls corrupting